Untangle is now part of Arista Networks

“The shift to work from home, shop from home, school at home has dramatically extended the global cyber-attack surface. The days of being able to provide access controls have been replaced with edge-less, multi-cloud, multi-device collaboration across multiple platforms being accessed by billions of global devices. 

The global pandemic did not alter the dynamics of what was to come but did accelerate the global transition to edge computing. Bolt-on security measures are simply too tactical and too expensive to deploy and manage. The paradigm shift to perimeter-free computing has highlighted the need for both small and large businesses to embed security into their network infrastructure as a proactive approach to manage global threats.

Over the past 10+ years, Untangle has demonstrated success providing Edge Threat Management (ETM) solutions for the mid-market. We have seen the business evolve from a Next Generation Firewall purposely designed to provide enterprise quality of services for the mid-market. In 2017 we added Command Center, a cloud-based Security Management solution to expand our market to provide Managed Service Providers the ability to centrally deploy and manage their highly distributed customer base. In 2020 we moved further to the edge with the launch of Micro Edge, providing advanced connectivity and security capabilities to enable any business to have a secure network edge at a fraction of the cost of traditional commercial solutions.

I am pleased that Untangle has joined forces with Arista Networks, an industry leader in data-driven, client to cloud networking. Untangle will become a subsidiary of Arista, providing all the security assets for its Cognitive Unified Edge (CUE) offering. As a component of Arista’s CUE portfolio, Untangle will enter the next frontier of secure wired/wireless networks to the commercial and distributed enterprise. 

We are excited about the opportunity to work with Arista and continue to provide additional technology to our vast partner network.”

– Scott Devens, CEO of Untangle

With such a strong focus on making networking and security products easy to deploy, easy to manage and easy to maintain for the channel, Untangle joins Arista at exactly the right time as our strategy and vision for our products converge.
Arista is looking forward to strengthening its focus on the channel and the mid-market with the addition of Untangle’s Edge Threat Management suite of products. The Untangle Command Center, NG Firewall and Micro Edge fit together with our own complementary offerings. With a larger portfolio of products to pull from, we will be able to help our mutual channel communities grow their businesses with us. We warmly welcome all of the Untangle team, and the Untangle Customer and Partner community, into the Arista family.

– Mark Foss, SVP of Global Field Operations & Marketing, Arista

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