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Hardware and Software Sales

ITGuru Systems Limited delivers the most competitive, flexible and high-quality hardware and software licensing needs for your business

Choosing the best tools for your organisation can be challenging and risky. Your choice can have a big impact to your company’s productivity and bottom line. Is it beneficial to our business operations? Can I save cost? Can it protect our business data? What is the best fit for our organisation?

Trust us to take care of your hardware and software concerns. With our top-of-the-line software packages that will integrate seamlessly with your existing structure, you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues. The hardware brands we provide for our clients are products of trusted, reliable and well known IT companies.

Request for a free IT Infrastructure Assessment

ITGuru Systems Limited offer free IT Infrastructure Assessment. With this assessment we will grade your current IT set up and provide you with a list of opportunities.

There is no obligation. Just a little bit of your time.

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Hardware and Software Selection Assistance

By determining the business requirements of your company, we will recommend you the best hardware and software packages available that will help improve the quality of your services at the right price.

Software Licensing Support

We’ll take up the load of reviewing your licences and subscriptions with ease. Let us handle the checking and management of the integrity of your business applications. For us, your software is the key to your business success.

System Configuration

From imaging to staging up to deployment, ITGuru Systems Limited will provide you seamless and effective assistance so that everything will be fully functional all the time. Our certified technicians use powerful tools for system configuration.

Warranty and Technical Support

Our 24/7 Technical Support is a trusted resource of our clients country-wide. We treat all calls as priority calls and direct them to our advanced technicians. We provide faster response and we’re on call around the clock.